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J-addicts is a place for you to be yourself. For you to teach. Learn. Grow. This is basically a place for people who love Japan, and I don't mean one part of it. This place is really for people who love multiple things about Japan. If you can't name three non-related things about Japan that you like, then this is probably not the community for you. You are probably better off going to communities that focus on that one thing. I, on the other hand, will try to focus on many things about Japan. Now, I can't really help anybody with the language, since I don't speak/read Japanese and I'm not going to break any copyright laws for any of you. But all I can do is post links to youtube that teaches Japanese. and post links to Japanese language learning websites.
Even though it's called, j_addicts_usa, as long as you can speak English, you can join. British, Finnish, American, Australlian, you don't have to be American. You just have to love Japan.


No fanfiction
No yaoi
No yuri
No slash
No spamming
No sexually objectifying the celebrities (there's plenty of communities for that)
No sexually innuendoes (there's plenty of communities for that)
No insulting the band members
No comments about one band member copying another band member
No stalking
No talking about stalking
No flaming
No bashing
No harassing
No haters
No drama
No racism
No sexism
No bigotry
No trolling
No tlkng lk ths
No one under 16
No cliques
No ganging up on other members
No bullying
No hotlinking (anybody who hotlinks will get banned ASAP, no exceptions)
No demanding credits for things that aren't yours, like pictures
(If you hand drew the picture, write your name on it.)
No insulting (except for fictional anime characters or bad costumes)
No posting copyrighted material (e.g. magazines, song, videos)

If you post any copyrighted material, such as non-public songs, concert footage, or posting downloads to any DVD. You may or may not get a warning. I might banned you on the spot. If you love a celebrity. Pay for their material. If they don't sell it in your area, look for it online at coolJapanstore or JapanDiscoveries.

SPEAK ENGLISH (This is to prevent online bullying in another language)
PLEASE TAG your entries
Use somewhat good grammar
Respect the admin
Respect other members
If you have a problem with a fellow member, ignore them.
If you have a problem with me, get out.
If you want to be an admin, then you would have to undergo a trial period, which will probabaly last about a month to see how things go.

If you break any of the rules, you might get a warning or you might get banned. Depends on my mood.